The 2014 Tax Tables

Find your 2014 Tax Rate with the 2014 Tax Tables!

Have you filed your 2014 Tax Return yet?

If you’ve already filed, congratulations! If not, you may be wondering what the 2014 tax rates are.

Here at RapidTax, we’ve designed  the 2014 tax tables just for you. In fact, you can save these tax tables to your computer and refer back to the tax rates as needed.

Keep in mind that these tax tables are based on your filing status and total income earned throughout the year. You’ll need to know each in order to find your 2014 tax rate.

2014 Tax Tables 

The 2014 Tax Rates are listed below. First, find your filing status. After, find the income range you fall into. Your tax rate will be listed to the right.

2014 Tax Tables Single 2014 Tax Tables Married

2014 Standard Deductions

Now that you know how much you’ll be taxed when filing your 2014 Taxes, you may want to know how much your standard deduction is.

That standard deduction amount for each filing status has slightly increased from 2013.

Here are the 2014 standard deductions:

  • Single: $6,200
  • Head of Household: $9,100
  • Married Filing Jointly: $12,400
  • Married Filing Separately: $6,200


File your 2014 Taxes today

Now that you know how much you’ll be taxed on your 2014 income earned, you can get started on your 2014 Tax Return. With RapidTax, you’ll have until October 15th to e-file.

No need to memorize your tax rate, we’ll do the calculations for you!

To begin, gather your tax documents together and create an account on RapidTax.

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