Can I File State Income Taxes Online?

The IRS, in a shockingly forward facing-move, began the switch from paper forms to e-file years ago. This move is incredibly savvy on their part–it makes sure that people who aren’t inclined to do forms can still file their taxes (thus increasing the money they get) and it makes processing a lot easier for them. Win-win. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to file state income taxes online.

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California is Nearly Bankrupt — And They’re Printing Money!

How does an effectively bankrupt state pay the bills? By printing its own currency! California is issuing IOUs instead of paying bills in cash. In other words, instead of borrowing from people who want to lend money, and using that money to pay its bills, the state is borrowing from people who it already owes money to, and promising to pay the bills a little later (with a little interest).
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One of the keys to’s remarkable growth has been their “affiliate” program. They allow anyone to link to Amazon products and get a cut of every purchase. It’s a great program for Amazon, because it gives them a sales force with hundreds of thousands of members, none of whom need a salary. And it’s good for customers, too, since it gives people an incentive to write about the products they like, that others might like, too. In fact, some bloggers have been able to make a decent income off of Amazon affiliate payments. But all is not well for Amazon or Amazon’s affiliates.
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