Considering a tax preparer this year?

Before you pay someone to do your taxes for you here’s some federal income tax advice to remember before you pull the trigger.

  • Complaints about tax preparers were up 80% in five years. This includes complaints for things like late filing, missing W-2s, base inaccuracies, or completely missing or lost filings. The solution is to get help with your filing from a service like RapidTax. You get 24-hour help if you’ve any questions, and you know for a fact that it was sent in on time.

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IRS: “Help Us Decide Who Does Your Taxes”

This just in: the IRS wants taxpayers to help them decide which tax preparers… they can decide to work with.

At first, it seems like a pretty redundant exercise: the IRS is asking taxpayers and other interest groups to decide what criteria they’d like someone to satisfy before that person can prepare their taxes. People already do this — by paying someone to prepare their taxes. So what is the IRS trying to add here? Continue reading “IRS: “Help Us Decide Who Does Your Taxes””

Recovery Rebate Ruckus: Why are TurboTax Users Getting Angry Letters from the IRS?

Bloggers and forums are abuzz over the news that TurboTax may be calculating the Recovery Rebate incorrectly. Apparently TurboTax users are getting letters from the IRS complaining that they claimed too large a credit for the rebate, and that they’ll need to pay it back. The TurboTax team has responded to explain some of the confusion, but that’s not the whole story.
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