A Fast Refund is Possible–And It Can Make You Money

Thanks to the stimulus, extended tax credits, and deductions, more and more Americans are qualifying for tax refunds. While most people who qualify for a refund are happy to wait the 6-8 weeks after your taxes have been filed to get their refund, other Americans can’t wait that long. For people like I used to be, who rely on getting taxes back in order to pay rent or fix a car or get kids new shoes, a fast refund can be critical, even life changing.

Fortunately, getting a fast refund is incredibly easy to do and can not only help you get your money faster–it can make you money. Here’s how: Continue reading “A Fast Refund is Possible–And It Can Make You Money”

Is My 2008 Tax Return Still Eligible For a Refund?

Not filing a tax return is a more common situation than you might think. Every year millions of Americans don’t file a tax return for a lot of reasons, the most common being they didn’t know they had to. Even if your only source of income is unemployment, disability, or a social security check, you still have to pay taxes. Even if it’s your 2008 tax return that’s sitting around.

The good news is that most people who fit into the above categories are eligible for refunds. Big refunds. That 2008 tax return isn’t so much a burden for you to file out, as a source of money you’re not tapping. Here’s why: Continue reading “Is My 2008 Tax Return Still Eligible For a Refund?”

Is Getting Tax Refunds Better than Owing Money?

We all get really excited when we fill in all our forms, submit all our receipts, go over our expenses, and find out we’re eligible for tax refunds. We start mentally spending it right away: this much for the house, this much for fun, maybe I’ll pay rent with this, etc. And, with direct deposit refunds now available we’re getting them faster than ever–sometimes less than a week after filing!

But as great as tax refunds are, many financial advisors say that if you’re getting a refund, you’re getting a bum real. That, in fact, a refund is a sign of poor financial management. Here’s why: Continue reading “Is Getting Tax Refunds Better than Owing Money?”