Quick Guide: RapidTax CPA Review

Afraid to stray from your accountant but also tired of paying the fancy price tag?

I have some pretty fond memories of road-tripping to my parents’ accountant on a beautiful Spring afternoon. I’d wait on the black leather couch with nothing but a bag of pretzels and a Game Boy to keep me busy while they crunched numbers. By the time we were out of there, my parents were balls of frustration and I had lost my sunny Saturday.

RapidTax is here to save the day (and hopefully a few sunny afternoons of your own)! While many have now taken the modern road, preparing their own tax returns online, some of us have stayed in the accountant safety net. Change is hard, and we hear what you’re saying. That’s why we’re now offering you accountant services online with the RapidTax CPA Review service!

Why switch things up? Let’s take a look at the most common concerns when it comes to making the switch.

Is this really just as good as going to an accountant in person?

After doing some research, we’ve found that this is the dilemma holding people back the most from hopping aboard the online tax movement. Yes, it is just as good, if not better. In fact, one of the best parts is not having to go in person at all. Here are some other highlights to choosing an online CPA review with RapidTax:

  • You will receive an initial consultation with a CPA. This will give us an idea of any deductions and tax credits you qualify for.
  • You will be matched with a qualified certified public accountant specializing in your unique tax situation.
  • Your CPA will consult with you as much as necessary to make sure your refund is maximized. On the flip side, if you owe the IRS, your CPA will be able to apply all available credits and deductions to minimize that amount due.
  • You will pay less than half of what you would pay if you were to go to an in-person accountant.
  • You won’t need to take a day off of work (or waste a precious weekend afternoon) to file your tax return. In fact, our accountants will work around your schedule.

What about the loyalty factor involved in scheduling with my regular accountant each year?

Going to the same accountant can be just as essential as visiting your regular doctor or scheduling auto maintenance with a trusted mechanic. This is important and we understand. That’s why we have our own loyalty program. If you request the CPA Review for more than one tax year, your second CPA Review will be 30% off. Plus, you can continue to come back to the same accountant you work with at RapidTax. We’ll store all of your prior year tax information so that each year, you can pick up right where you left off!

Okay, so what is the price difference (REALLY)?

If you’ve ever prepared your tax return with a private accountant before, then you know that it can cost you a pretty penny. Each accountant will charge different rates but will usually run you anywhere from $200-$400. In fact, the average price for an individual tax return to be prepared by a certified public accountant in 2015 was $273. Whether you’re receiving a refund or have a tax bill, that is a hefty chunk of change.

At RapidTax, our CPA Review will run you $99.95. At less than a Benjamin, you’ll be able to take advantage of the refund you’re getting back from the IRS instead of giving most of it to your private accountant.

The decision is yours…

Let’s recap. With our CPA review, you’ll be paying a low price for superior accountant support. We understand that switching up your routine is tough, and we get that it might not be for everyone. This is one of the reasons why we offer an initial consultation with one of our accountants. Speaking with one of our accountants lets you decide if it’s the right move for your tax situation. If it is, great!
If not, then we solemnly swear not to hold it against you or tattle to your accountant.


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