6 Facts For Filing Taxes By the Tax Deadline

tax deadline 2019

The tax deadline is April 15, 2019!

For residents of Maine and Massachusetts, they have until April 17 to file their 2018 tax return. Here’s some important information you need to know for filing by the tax deadline.

 1.  You need to report ALL of your income.

If you don’t report all of your taxable income; all income that is subject to withholding; you will need to amend your return using Form 1040X when the IRS gets a hold of your information.

Not only that, but you may even end up owing money back to the IRS.

2.  You can file without a W-2.

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How to File an Amended Tax Return

Picture this; You filed your taxes and went on with your life. Weeks later, you wake up in the middle of the night realizing you forgot to include your daughter (born over the past year), as a dependent.

Not only did you forgot to include your own child on your tax return, but you also forgot to claim extra tax dollars. What’s next? You briefly remember hearing about tax return amendments but wonder how to amend a tax return? Good news, you can file an amended tax return and correct any mistakes with RapidTax.

What is an Amended Tax Return?

Filing an amended tax return (known as Form 1040X)  is necessary when you need to change information to an already filed return. Tax filers usually file an amended return in one of two situations; the IRS reported errors on the tax return or you want to add or delete something on the tax return. If you reported the wrong filing status, the number of dependents, deductions, credits or income, you’ll need to file an amended tax return. However, if you made math errors, you don’t need to file an amended tax return. The IRS computers will correct math errors.

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