What is an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)?


Fraud can happen to anyone.

If your social security number was used fraudulently in the past, the IRS assigns a six-digit PIN to you; the Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN).


In order to receive an IP PIN, you will need to meet the following:

  • You received a CP01A notice which will have it located at the bottom of the first column
  • The IRS sent you a letter inviting you to opt-in for the IP PIN
  • You were a resident of Florida, Georgia or the District of Columbia, Michigan, California, Maryland, Nevada, Delaware, Illinois or Rhode Island last year

Note: Taxpayers who experience identity theft after they receive the CP01A notice will need to file the Identity Theft Affidavit

The steps on getting an IP PIN

In order to get your six-digit PIN, you will need to go to the IRS site to obtain one. You will need to enter your information onto the site for the IRS to verify your identity and assign your PIN. Click here to get your PIN.

On the other hand, if you forgot your PIN number and are looking to retrieve your identity protection PIN, click here.

What’s the timeframe for the PIN?

Your identity protection PIN lasts for one calendar year, which means you get one each tax season.  That being said, this also means that you can file all of your late returns with the same PIN during the calendar year.

Fling your return without your IP PIN

If you forget your PIN when electronically filing (e-filing) your return, your return will be rejected by the IRS. You are required to file every return with your IP PIN assigned at the time.

Likewise, if you file a paper return, you will still need to include your IP PIN. This is located in the “sign here” section on the bottom right of the tax return.
Otherwise, your paper return will be delayed as well as your refund since the IRS will need to verify your identity.

Overall, don’t forget to include your IP PIN since you will need it every time you file a tax return.

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