When Does 2014 Tax Season Begin for Filing 2013 Taxes?

The IRS announced the 2014 tax season is January 31-April 14, 2014.

Have you been wondering when you can file your 2013 taxes? The IRS announced the start of the 2014 tax season is January 31, 2014 for individual taxpayers. However, at RapidTax you can prepare your 2013 tax return starting on January 1, 2014.

Anytime throughout the month of January you can create an account on RapidTax and prepare your 2013 tax return.

After filling in your tax information on our easy-to-follow online form and submitting,  our team of tax experts will review it to be sure everything is accurate. On the opening day of the IRS 2014 tax season (January 31), your return will be taken care of and submitted to the IRS.

That means, if you prepare a tax return before January 31, 2014 on RapidTax,  your tax return will be filed at the very start of tax season.  In other words, you can expect your tax refund within the first three weeks of February.

It’s important to note, due to the delay in the start of the tax season,  the length of the IRS tax season has been shortened. Just because there has been a delay to the start of the tax season doesn’t mean the tax season deadline is extended. The traditional tax filing deadline remains at April 15 (2014). 

RapidTax currently has the 2013 tax form available. Get an early start in 2014, file your taxes and be done with it.

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