When Can I File a Business Tax Return?

Do you have to file a business tax return?  The IRS recently announced they will accept 2013 business tax returns starting today, Monday, January 13, 2014.

The first day to file a business tax returns, January 13, falls 18 days before the first day to file 1040 returns (1040 tax filing start date is January 31st).  If you need to file a business tax return with income derived from forms 1065 or 1120S , you can today on RapidTax.

Business tax returns accepted by the IRS starting on January 13,  include any return on the IRS Business Master File (BMF). BMF returns include the following federal forms:

  • 1120 (corporations)
  • 1120S (S corporations)
  • 1065 (partnerships or entities taxed as partnerships)
  • 1041 (trusts and estates)
  • 720 (excise)
  • 940 (FUTA)
  • 941 (FICA)
  • 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax)

It’s also good to note that the January 13 start date does not apply to businesses who report income on a federal 1040 form. That means, if you are a landlord filing on Schedule E, a farmer filing on Schedule F, a sole proprietor filing on Schedule C, you can file your taxes starting on January 31,2014.

What Business Tax Returns Can I File on RapidTax?

RapidTax has a credible history of users filing tax returns quickly, without hassle. If you thought RapidTax only files 1040s, think again. RapidTax also offers  S corporation tax return filing (1120S), along with partnership tax filing (1065). 

What is the Corporate Tax Return Due Date?

Corporate tax returns (1120, 1120S) are due on Monday March 17, 2014. (Usually the deadline is March 15th, but this year, falls on a Saturday). Partnership returns (1065 returns) along with certain trusts and estate returns (1041)  are due at the same deadline date as individual taxes, April 15,2014.

If you are reporting business income derived from forms 1065, 1120S you can file your return today on RapidTax. With unlimited E-mail and Live support from our team of RapidTax tax experts, filing your taxes can be quick and easy!

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